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Picturing Faith

"In Picturing Faith, Colleen McDannell continues her trail-blazing path in American religious history. She takes conventional wisdom about spiritual decline in the Depression era and turns it on its head. This is a very special book, and will be a touchstone for future scholarship."--Gary Laderman, Emory University

"During the Depression the Farm Security Administration dispatched a band of photographers including Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans to document various facets of rural existence. This striking book, with its lengthy and intelligent text by the historian of religion Colleen McDannell, collects the FSA photos of rural religious culture. . . . [The photographers] captured both its stark inwardness and the ways in which it was integrated into and nurtured community life."--Benjamin Schwarz, Atlantic Monthly

"[A] fascinating study. . . . McDannell's great contribution here is to break through the coffee-table familiarity of the most famous Depression photographs to reveal a world beyond those images. . . . They remind us of the inner spiritual lives of the photographers' subjects; restoring to view a hidden dimension of their humanity and of the rich and various textures of American religious experience."--Wen Stephenson, Boston Globe

"Abundantly illustrated with these wonderful, nearly forgotten black-and-white images."--Robert Leiter, Jewish Exponent

"Picturing Faith is a rich combination of sharply insightful social and religious history and sympathetic but astute aesthetic criticism. It is an essential contribution to understanding the 'cultural worth' of religious life at a critical moment in the nation's history."--David E. Anderson, Seattle Times



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