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Honors 3100This seminar focuses on how communities and individuals have asserted distinct beliefs, values, and rituals within the nation. Particular attention is paid to the creation of religious pluralism in the United States and how it has expressed itself in various ways in our history. Categories of difference, specifically ethnicity, gender, and sexual preference, will also be explored. These categories have defined religious life as well as how doctrinal and liturgical norms create, support, undermine, or attempt to erase social differences. The continually shifting nature of religious life and various religious communities have interacted with the secular realms of politics, economics, law, entertainment, and cultural custom will also be discussed.

History 4990What do animal sacrifices, Chicago sermons, and polygamy have in common? They all are religious practices have captivated our political and legal system. This research seminar explores the relationship between church and state from the founding of the nation until the recent presidential elections.

History 4790Summer, 2010