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Material Christianity

"A marvellously intelligent and sympathetic look at an aspect of religious culture that is usually guaranteed to inspire just as much gleeful disdain as any televangelist's scandal. . . . An admirable and surprising book."--Harry Ritchie, Financial Times

"[McDanell's] careful intertwining of theory and practice in historically informed case studies is exemplary for readers with a specific interest in material Christianity as well as those with a more general interest in material culture and the making of meaning."--Steve Schroeder, Booklist

"McDannell provides a brilliant commentary on how material Christianity has grown and adapted accordingly to consumer demand. . . . For those interested in Americana, religion, art and especially people, this book is a must."--Rev. Michael P. Orsi, Pastoral Life

"[McDannell's] studies are windows onto a variety of religious worlds and historical contexts. . . . An excellent resource for scholars of religion interested in material Christianity, for sociologists and anthropologists exploring the wider field of material culture and religious practice, and for specialists in women's studies concerned with the gendering of religious practices in the United States."--Kathleen S. Nash, America



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